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Zolodex: Ovarian Suppression Therapy

Hi, I'm Kristi Q.

I’m 47 and five months from IDC dx (stage 1A, ER/PR, HER2-). Had single mastectomy and am node negative. My MedOnc thought I was post menopausal based on initial BW so put me on Arimidex generic, which I’ve tolerated well thus far. F/up this week showed I’m not post menopausal (I have no uterus) and that my estrogen is very high. Tamoxifen isn’t a safe option for me given an existing blood clotting disorder, so moving forward with Zolodex ovarian suppression therapy so I can continue with Arimidex. First injection will be next week. I’d live to hear from anybody who’s gone this route. In my case, I’m unsure if the small therapeutic value of endocrine therapy is worth the hassle of adding Zolodex. Thought? Experiences?

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  • Sat Feb 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Betti

In other words and I’m not a doctor that your ovaries where left in when they removed the uterus hence they are still producing Estrogen. There are other things that can produce it though.

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  • Sat Feb 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Kristi Q.

Yes, my ovaries were left intact by choice at the time since I didn’t want to go through immediate menopause at 37 years of age. Now we don’t want them to work to minimize risk of future recurrence, but my OncoType DX score (13) was very favorable for low recurrence that my MedOnc would support a choice of not doing any endocrine therapy. Trying to decide if ovarian suppression and all its side effects is worth it in my case or if I say uncle and take my chances of recurrence, albeit low.

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  • Mon Feb 4, 2019

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