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Esophageal cancer

Hi, I'm Danny F W.

Keytruda for metastatic disease that has spread to lung. Has anyone taken this immunotherapy drug, side effects, results, etc.

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  • Mon Dec 11, 2017
Hi, I'm Mitchell G K.

Sorry,I have not.If I can help with some other info,please post and I will gladly.Stay positive.I survived 4 yrs. now,so can you.

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  • Sat Dec 16, 2017
Hi, I'm DANA E D.

I have stage 4 Lung Cancer and have been on Keytruda since February with iv every 3 weeks. side effects have been minimal with constipation relieved with a daily laxative and some neuropathy. Have had three scans since beginning and the results have been very positive with tumor shrinking and nodes getting smaller. I also had brain metz and high intensity radiation got rid of tumor. I have been very pleased with Keytruda.

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  • Mon Dec 25, 2017
Hi, I'm Ginger B

Same as previous poster – Stage 4 lung cancer with brain mets. On Keytruda since August, following stereotactic radiosurgery. Radiation greatly reduced size of brain mets. Scans showing lung tumors and nodes reduced in size with exception of 1. I also receive infusion every 3 weeks. Only side effect I experience is fatigue, mostly for the first week after infusion. And I have actually gained weight since starting Keytruda.

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  • Fri Dec 29, 2017
Hi, I'm Danny F W.

Thanks for the responses. They sound encouraging. As stated, my husband’s lung tumors are metastatic spread from his esophageal cancer. He is almost 3 yrs out from diagnosis and has done relatively well considering previous radiation, chemo and then surgery. He just completed his first infusion with Keytruda and we’re hopeful for encouraging results.

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  • Sat Dec 30, 2017
Hi, I'm Ronstrong

My husbands stage 4 lung cancer has also spread to esophagus and liver. Chemo didn’t work. Not a candidate for radiation. He started Opdivo a week ago. You are giving me the 1st bit of hope I’ve had. Thank you.

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  • Sun Dec 31, 2017
Hi, I'm Karen L C.

I have stage four that spread to esophagus had three rounds of chemo now on keytruda ,just did a cat scan looks like I never had cancer at all. Pretty good for being told i had two months to wow the sky’s the limit. There are a few side effects but really worth it as you can see.

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  • Sun Dec 31, 2017
Hi, I'm Karen L C.

That was stage four lung cancer that spread

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  • Sun Dec 31, 2017
Hi, I'm Oliveoyl

I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in April 2017. I went through six weeks of chemo and radiation. My last pet scan in November showed no evidence of cancer, so I am in remission, thank God! I have not been able to find clear statistics on the rate of survival. I asked my doctor what was the chance of recurrence, and she told me 50/50. Does anyone else know any more about survival statistics. I was Stage 3a..

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  • Thu Jan 4, 2018
Hi, I'm John K G.

I had same April 2015. The only complications are with swallowing. Have had periodic dilations since. Some scarring of throat tissue affects swallowing. Taste buds are off at times and slowly change Had tongue cancer in 2010 along with kidney cancer at the same time. Had gall bladder removed and had cancer cells present. One would think the treatment would cleanse your body but it doesn’t. Chemo is the worst part, never again! Cagy@ yahoo

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  • Sun Jan 7, 2018

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