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Stomach pains

I'm Jeremy K T., and I'm a survivor of Lymphoma

So I just found out I have cancer at Christmas. The whole reason I went to er was the stomach pain. I don’t understand why but I have talked to three other people and they all had bad stomach pains so me and my wife get the call and never expected the c word. I am still numb. I lost my job due to being sick 4 times I didn’t understand why I was sick until now. We have looked at different treatments from full on chemo to proton therapy to insulin treatment. But losing insurance and a little faith we are floored and don’t know what to do. Anyone tried any other treatments?? And why the stomach pain.

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  • Fri Jan 18, 2019
Hi, I'm John K G.

Are you sure you have cancer? I have had pains for years and it’s hereditary, called spastic colon. Do you get diarrhea after an episode. Almost like birthing pains. It runs in our family. I was treated for cancer of the throat in Charleston and they are excellent Dr’s.

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  • Sat Jan 19, 2019
Hi, I'm Arthur

I call my constant 1-2 pain level my “God pain” I was complaining about a “pain” in my stomach and after endoscopys and colonoscopys it was discovered that I had a cancerous “gist” in my upper stomach wall. It was found and removed early enough at Moffitt and they still have me on a drug called “Gleevec” to avoid the recurrance. I was diagnosed with a Gleason 9 score for my Prostate and just finished 6 weeks of radiation with Dr. Rice. God Bless us all..

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  • Sun Jan 20, 2019

I’m so sorry Jeremy KT, but keep looking for options and answers. Don’t get discouraged. And I was going to mention Moffitt in Tampa. (Arthur mentioned Moffitt.) I do know that oftentimes local community health organizations—where a patient pays on a rolling scale according to income—have working relationships with cancer centers. I don’t know where you live but look into that. Also, teaching hospitals have patient friendly programs that allow free/reduced patients. And too, cancer centers and hospitals have benevolent programs you can apply into and they’ll pay for some testing. “Pay it Forward”-type programs. I had my original PET scan paid by a local (south Florida) cancer center’s program. And since it might be cancer, the approval goes pretty quickly. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2016, I didn’t have insurance and originally went to a community clinic whose social worker hooked me up with all kinds of programs, doctors, and avenues. Help is out there. Don’t give up hope, whatsoever. We’re all here to help you. Peace to you.

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  • Sun Jan 20, 2019
Hi, I'm Jon Caswell

My pancreatic cancer was found in November 2017 after having stomach pains for a week. Had the Whipple surgery May, 2018 and was clear for 2 months…now back in Lymph gland in groin. I’m told there are no other options except clinical studies, so have signed up for one at START. Anyone have other thoughts on treatment options?

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  • Thu Jan 24, 2019

Is there any option of immunotherapy drugs? Or is that the clinical trial? Call Cancer people and ask them for current info. Also, has clinical trials available for many, many cancers.

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  • Sat Jan 26, 2019

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